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Create A Vibrant School Community

Motivational Speaker Scott Maloney joins forces with IINII to create a revolutionary experience for your students, staff and community members designed to create a trauma-sensitive environment. Scott shares his life-altering story of how one poor decision while under the influence of alcohol turned into an unimaginable nightmare that changed the course of his life forever. Scott is masterful at relating to students, their experiences, and the peer pressure that is so prevalent in our society. The compassionate staff at IINII follow up Scott’s presentation with an innovative empathy mapping process intended to help students, school personnel, and community members develop an understanding and appreciation of one’s sense of self and what they value in and out of school. The combined experience helps the school community develop an authentic youth-adult partnership where both contribute their perspectives towards creating a vibrant school community that promotes positive self-esteem. To learn more about this exciting opportunity for your school community or to receive a proposal please contact Scott at or Shawn at or 1800-507-2502.

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